1. Same Old News


Same Old News

Verse 1
You say you love me but that’s a lie
Say you need me don’t know why
You say you try to understand
Then treat me like some one night stand

Chorus 1
The way you love me, its so cruel
A touch of warmth, then your cool
You whisper words I want to hear
Then you turn and disappear
Same Old News Same Old News

Verse 2
You pretend, your having fun
Bragging still, I'm the one
Your twisted mind has got a plan
I’m feeling danger while I hold your hand

Chorus 2
So sincere while you explain
Why it is I need this pain
Plunge your knife its ok
Some old stuff different Day
Same old news Same old news
Jam Solo
Same old news Same old news

Chorus 3
Don’t you see I know you’re game
Tell’in lies, cause its you’re way
Blue eye smile knocks me to the floor
10 minutes later out the Door
Same old news Same old news